Top tips for booking wedding music

Booking wedding music can be a tricky affair . . .

First of all booking wedding music can be confusing. Leaving aside the choice of musical style there are basic mechanics to worry about. Will they turn up? Be appropriately dressed? Will they have the right equipment? And will they listen to my requests? The musician or DJ has to be someone you can trust to do all this on top of being a great performer. So check testimonials talk about how easy they were to work with and that they listened to what was wanted.

As for the music itself, what do you choose?

So the music at a wedding is there to entertain your guests. Subtle ambience during the pre-dinner drinks or the wedding breakfast, something to dance to so the first question, who will be attending? Most weddings have a broad range of guests from parents to small children, so musical diversity is important if they’re all going to feel included. A professional DJ, wedding singer or band will already have a good idea about what will work. If you balance this against your input of tunes, then you’re in for a great night.

Most of all have a chat with the musician or DJ and use your gut instincts as to whether you feel they’re right for you. Also, know that the old adage is never truer when it comes to wedding music, you get what you pay for. Be careful when it comes to offers that seem too good to be true. You may be setting yourself up for that dreaded phone call two days before your wedding that no one wants!

In conclusion the music at your wedding has a dramatic impact on the day and how people remember it, so booking wedding music may not be easy but it’s worth the effort.




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