The Carriage Hall, a perfect venue for live music!

Paul Martyn wedding singer, saxophone player and DJ reviews The Carriage Hall

The Carriage Hall Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, is a conversion of the old Plumtree Railway Station Goods Hall.  A perfect mix of both Victorian and contemporary design. It’s the perfect venue for a beautiful wedding day and from my perspective live music.  I’ve performed at The Carriage Hall as a wedding singer, saxophone player and DJ six times so far this year, some large and some small weddings all enjoying their entertainment at it’s best.  On a technical level, it has no sound limiter, and a large, high main room allowing the sound to travel without any effort required.  This environment creates a natural acoustic and the best possible room to enjoy live music.

Daytime Background Music at The Carriage Hall Nottingham

I’ve provided background music singing and saxophone playing for both the pre-dinner drinks and the wedding breakfast, both of which work very well at The Carriage Hall.  Pre-dinner drinks are perfect outside during the summer. The wedding breakfast works all year round, the winter afternoons and evenings enhanced by candlelight and some subtle ambient background saxophone & singing.

The Evening Party

After the meal a short ‘turn around’ is required to moves tables and make space for the dance floor area.  The venue staff have always been well organised and efficient.  The building is perfect for a natural entertainment area and dance floor.  The bar area and mezzanine are still connected but far away enough to talk comfortably with the party in full swing.  The louder live party music sounds fantastic, vocals and saxophone during the live performances crisp and clear.  Certainly one of a handful of my top venues in Nottingham for performing as a solo wedding singer and DJ.

Further Information

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