Frequently Asked Questions

Q: One of the most frequently asked questions is what will Paul do during the day and evening?
A: Paul can provide live vocals and saxophone playing with backing tracks for the duration of the wedding breakfast or pre-dinner drinks in the afternoon which is usually between 1.5 and 2 hours. During the evening he provides a mixture of disco and a further live vocal and saxophone party show during which people are encouraged to dance just like they would to a live band. The live performance lasts for up to 2 hours with disco to top and tail the live music between 7 p.m. & midnight. It is also possible to have an early evening swing show and a shorter party show.

Q: Will Paul bring all the sound and lighting equipment he needs?
A: Yes. Paul has all the equipment he needs to make sure you can clearly hear and see the show, and this includes a state-of-the-art sound system and very high end, but subtle lighting, there are no smoke or strobe effects. A detailed sound and lighting spec is available here.

Q: Will Paul learn particular songs?
A: Yes, subject to the song being suitable for Paul to sing, the availability of a backing track or music and a possible fee for the extra time and cost involved.

Q: Can I provide Paul with a list of songs for the disco?
A: Yes. Paul is happy to take on board a list of do’s and don’t’s for the disco. But please remember that not all great songs are suitable for dancing to, and your favourite songs won’t always be appropriate for a wedding. Paul can read an audience and will try to provide a balance of music to suit the people on the floor at the time; this is the only way to make a party swing.  Please read my article Paul Martyn on ‘What Makes A Great Wedding Party.’

Q: Will Paul take requests on the night?
A: Yes, but again Paul will use his judgement to make sure that requests are appropriate to the evening and the couple’s wishes.

Q: Are the saxophone and singing too loud for dinner?
A: Almost never. As a rule, the noise of the people talking in the room is louder, so the saxophone playing and singing becomes an audible talking point and lifts the atmosphere. It is always advisable to sit the younger or livelier personalities next to the music.

Q: How far will Paul travel?
A: Anywhere, there maybe be some additional costs to cover travel expenses and accommodation, but Paul tries to keep these to a minimum.

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